Home facts Bed & Breakfast Pergamo

Welcome to Pergamo Bed & Breakfast. Our core value is that the pleasure and interest of our guests comes first! We do

everything we can to make the stay of every guest unforgettable. To make this possible we have put some general ‘rules’ on paper:



1. The guest will receive a key to the room and the conservatory, which must be returned upon departure. The guest is responsible for the correct closure of the entrance door to the B&B and the conservatory.

2. In case of loss of the key we will charge € 10,- per key.

3. Your own drinks are only allowed in the room.

4. Smoking is only allowed outside.

5. Of course we expect our guests to handle our belongings carefully, leave the room clean and take into account our other guests.

6. Since the bulb shed dates from the beginning of the last century, we kindly request that you only flush toilet

paper in the toilet. This is to prevent problems in the drain.



1. Breakfast is served in the conservatory between 8.30 and 10.00. 

2. Different times are negotiable with us.

3. Special wishes for breakfast, gluten free, low salt, vegetarian etc. can be indicated at the time of reservation.


Use of wellness facilities

1. The wellness centre is open from 10.00 to 20.00. We offer the wellness in complete privacy, therefore we use the

following time frames:

- from 10.00 to 13.00 for the guests of the Forest Room (day of departure)

- from 13.30 to 16.30 for the guests of the Beach Room (day of arrival)

- from 17.00 to 20.00 for the guests of the Tulip Suite (day of arrival)

2. In agreement we can shift the time frames.

3. The use of the wellness is at your own risk.

4. The wellness facilities must be used according to the available manuals.


Bicycle rental

1. We have several bikes for rent. Mountain bikes €11,50, tandem(!) €22 and electric bike €20. The prices are per bike, per day.

2. We assume that our guests are careful with the bike and always lock the bike. Possible damages or theft will be claimed from the guest.

3. In case of loss of the key we will charge € 10,-.

4. Use of the bicycles is at your own risk.


Boat rental
1. Our boat is for rent from April to September. From €65 for half a day / €95 per day including fuel.
2. We assume that our guests handle the boat carefully and always lock the boat. Any damage or theft will be recovered from the guest.
3. In case of loss of the key we will charge € 10,-.
4. Use of the boat is at your own risk.



1. Cars can be parked free of charge in the parking spaces on the private grounds of the Bed & Breakfast.

2. Parking is at your own risk.


Private area

1. We are available for our guests until 20.00 in the evening. In case of a calamity we are available on phone number +316 15457354.

3. Part of the garden is private area, we appreciate it if this is respected.