Take a look in our B&B!

Welcome to our garden! Enjoy the peace and quiet, hear the birds singing. Look at the plants, flowers and butterflies. Here you can sit outside and relax and when the weather is nice, bbq.

Welcome to the conservatory! This is our breakfast room, where you can read a book on the couch, but also enjoy a high tea. In cooperation with a local restaurant you can enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner or sushi in the evening.



You can almost smell the salty sea air and hear the murmur of the sea. The sand between your toes, the sea washes over your feet. Dream away over sun, sea and beach. Welcome to the Beach Room.



Here the tulips bloom all year round in all their splendor. Breathe in and you can smell the fragrance of fresh flowers in spring. Wake up and enjoy all the beautiful colors. Welcome to the Tulipsuite.



Imagine yourself in a beautiful green forest. Enjoy the peace and quiet around you. The birds singing, rustling leaves and the smell of wood. Welcome to the Forestroom.